Monday, January 31, 2011

The talk about divorce

Children should be told as soon as the decision to divorce have been accomplished. It's natural for parents to feel anxious and uncertain about how to tell children/child. This anxiety can cause parents to delay child to speak to the children. If you allow your anxiety to keep you from talking with your child/children, will only increase their anxiety. The way that you choose to tell your child/children divorce will set the tone for how your child handles the divorce. If you can at all, both parents should talk with your child/children as a family.

Tell them you are not responsible for the divorce. Tell them that both parents love them even if one parent is no longer living at home. Children are curious about what caused the divorce, and ask. Be ready with an appropriate response. Explain to them that will live with, how often do you see the other parent and fill in the changes that may occur due to divorce. Let them know that you will be there to answer any questions you have in the future and must feel free to come to you with concerns or fears that they have.[/u]

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