Saturday, June 25, 2011

Divorce process

When in emotional pain, one might fight to keep control of the situation in an attempt to lessen their pain. If we are busy trying to control what is happening to us, we cannot see what could happen to us if we were more open.

I know a woman whose husband wanted a divorce. He has fought every step of the way during the legal process of divorce. It was his belief that marriage has always been and she would do anything in his power to prevent him from breaking their family.

Many years after this woman is still trying to control the situation, based on his belief that marriage is forever. In a perfect world last marriage, which was his world, however, and she cannot give control over the fact that the marriage ended.

Her ex-husband has a new wife and went on with his life. She now is putting most of its energy in changing state divorce laws to make it more difficult to get a divorce. You and I share the belief that the divorce laws are too lenient, the difference between you and I is that she has become a movement all consuming. She has moved her to check whether or not its marriage survived to check the laws that allowed the husband to divorce.

I often wonder what she doing with her life if she let go of the need to control if the husband continued to love it. Whether or not he had control of the legal system that allowed the husband to no more than he loves her.

Are you trying to control what course you are taking your wedding? They are bent and determined to control how another person responding to or behave towards you? Stop and think about what you doing differently with your life if you let go of your need to control that person.

When you wake up tomorrow, let go the specifications need to be in control. Choose to do something that will bring enjoyment to your life. At the end of the day will not be able to deny that you've had a day better, much better than those days when you're trying to control and influence others.

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