Friday, June 24, 2011

Massachusetts divorce laws


In determining the amount of child support obligation, the Court applies the child support guidelines, with the presumption that the amount of the order that would result from the application of the guidelines is the proper amount of child support ordered. The Court may depart from the guidelines, if the quantity ordered would be unjust or inappropriate under the circumstances. This gap must include the specific circumstances of this case which justify a departure from the guidelines; and that such a departure is consistent with the interests of the child.

Support may continue for a child who has attained eighteen years of age, but who has not reached twenty-one years and that is resident in the home of a parent and depends mainly on the parent said to maintenance. The Court may issue appropriate orders of maintenance, support and education for every child who has attained twenty-one age but who has not reached age twenty, if the child is domiciled in the home of a parent and depends mainly on the parent said to care for the child in an educational program, excluding costs of education beyond a Bachelor. [Based on the general laws of Massachusetts Chapter 208-28]


At any time prior to the marriage, the parties may make a written contract of provision that, after the marriage is solemnized, entire or any designated part of real or personal property or any right of action, that party may be seized or possessed at the time of the marriage, shall remain or become the property of the husband or wife, the terms of the contract. [Based on the general laws of Massachusetts Chapter 209-25]

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