Friday, February 18, 2011

California divorce lawyer criticizes divorce insurance, as a ' Bad Idea '

John Logan, creator of marriage, divorce insurance, simply wanted to encourage couples to plan in advance and provide them a valid option should their marriage turn sour in the future. However, most people, the latest from Los Angeles divorce lawyer Marco Baer, simply would have none of it.

The insurance company of divorce capitalized on this fairly new concept and innovative divorce by releasing its website on August 5, 2010. By marriage then marketed itself as the perfect wedding gift to protect both spouses from suffering huge losses if they ended up in divorce.

Insurance of divorce from marriage sells individual policies, also known as a "unit", which costs $ 99us 15. and is equivalent to $ 1, very, upon payment of the initial coverage. Clients can choose from any number of units depending on the flat-rate amounts for the costs of divorce in their respective States. Therefore, the initial coverage of 15 units is $ 18, 750US ($ 1, very x 15), which is enough to cover the costs of service and legal in most States. Once the waiting period before the end of four years, customers will see their benefits go up by $ very each year as their prize never increases. Therefore, in order to receive the lump sum of cash equivalent, for which the customer has paid, he or she must submit proof of divorce to the company after the waiting period.

Although divorce insurance seems to be a new concept, advocate Baer, who helped couples to Los Angeles to dissolve their marriage while inflicting as little damage as possible to their families for 25 years and counting, sees this type of insurance in a different light. In accordance with his statement to the press, "studies show that those who negotiate a premarital agreement can have stronger marriages than those who don't like the process of creating the agreement operates as a form of premarital counseling. Divorce insurance does not provide any of those benefits. When couples hit hard times, instead of working to resolve these issues, insurance of divorce will motivate them to seek an end to their marriage to get a return on investment, promoting ultimately divorce. "

In addition, he continues saying: "If you want to buy insurance for divorce because you think that marriage is about to fail, as in the case of a marriage are going to have?"

Although Baer have some valid arguments that denies the legitimacy of divorce insurance, only time will tell if the marriage is sufficiently effective protect spouses from financial pitfalls caused by the dissolution of the marriage.

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