Thursday, February 3, 2011

Midlife Crisis


Most people that I feel from wanting information about crises are women. The term has long been associated with men, but contrary to popular belief, women are as likely as men to experience a crisis.

The focus of this article is the difference between the experience for men and women. I also hope to answer the question that I hear most often, "why is my spouse going through a crisis?"

Why do people experience: crisis

People who live their lives that fulfill their dreams and with a purpose are less likely to experience a midlife crisis. A man or woman who is able to meet their own needs while at the same time meet the needs of their spouse most likely you will find easy transition in midlife.

People who have put a little thought into what they want out of life and thought in taking care of others is more likely to experience a midlife crisis. If your spouse works hard, spends most of his free time with his family and pursue the life experience outside his family is a sitting duck. He is a person in danger of going through a crisis.

If your wife spends her days taking care of children, cooking, cleaning and putting the needs of his family before his own you are asking for trouble. If you have no outside interests, no career and nothing to realize the dreams that she may have her is in danger of going through a crisis.

Differences between male and female Midlife Crisis:

Men go through a crisis because they reach a certain age and realize that life is passing. They become afraid: afraid of the changes that come with aging. Fear of getting sick. Fear of becoming less attractive to the opposite sex. Fear of not achieving the objectives they have set for themselves. Fear of dying.Women, on the other side are thrust into crisis because they reach a certain age and find finally have the chance to do all things in life that you have put off doing while caring for his family. Children of a woman are grown and suddenly, you have the possibility to do all those things that has put out, despite being a mother. She and her husband have both worked hard, now I am financially secure and she sees this safety as its opportunities to explore all those things that you have put on the backburner. She goes through menopause, which means both biological and psychological changes. Psychological changes that experiences of a woman in menopause can cause you to question how she lived her life, and if you should make changes to the way in which they live.

Stages of the crisis:

Most male or female to go through the same stages during a crisis:

Shock, Denial, depression anger acceptance

Some will be processed through these stages without a hitch. Some will go back and forth between the various phases until they work their way through the crisis. Whoever crosses a crisis is experiencing an internal change that will succeed or fail. Every crisis is an opportunity for growth. If your spouse is a person who is able to look internally and use changes in a healthy way will both benefit from your experience.

If your spouse is not a person who is able to do some internal investigation and then use the changes you're experiencing so hold because the race will get bumpy and you both will suffer the consequences.

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