Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dating and your children

When parents date, it creates anxiety in children. Changes and losses that have gone through often cause them to feel insecure. They may become withdrawn and rebellious or above attached to you. Every child, depending on the age and personality, reacts differently. But it is important to understand that they are struggling.

Reply:give them reassurance

They need to know that their relationship with you will not change because they are beginning to date. If the child feels safe in their relationship with you, they are less likely to feel threatened or afaid. Don't allow the dating of interfering with the visitation schedules or normal child/parent. Quality time with it says that your child is important and that you pay attention to their needs.

Allow your child to express their feelings for dating.

Listen and show concern, not over react by screaming, to judge or criticize them or their feelings. The goal is to help them express their needs and feelings about the situation without doing harm. Don't ignore or try to gloss over it, just because they are uncomfortable with it.

Not introduce casual dating partner for your children.

Children become connected easily and therefore suffer further losses. Having a revolving door with many short-term relationships in the ambivalence causes of your child's life. It is wise to be discreet, so that you will avoid causing confusion and stressful feelings in your child.

Do not force an introduction on your child.

Never force your child to meet or accept that someone who was. It is right to expect your child to behave well, but don't dismiss their feelings or force your new report their throat. Give the child in time to see the new person in your life. If managed correctly, given time, your child will accept the report.

Be a positive role model for your child.

Children learn by example of what you say. If you have teenage children keep in mind that they are struggling with their emerging sexuality and do not need to have to do with your at the same time. Keep your sex life separate from the lives of your children.

Do not allow your date to discipline.

Your children will respond to you better your boy/girlfriend. Until the new relationship that took the time to become permanent is better than not have authority to your child. Set limits for your children and teach them how to behave appropriately themselves.

Being single with children can be challenging and tiring. Certainly has its own set of challenges when it comes to dating. It's easy to be confused about how father and date at the same time. Communication with your child is always the goal no matter the situation. Be sensitive to their needs, promote a healthy family environment.

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