Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is the most harmful, feminism, or a dysfunctional family court system?

Recently I heard from people angry. Men and feminism to blame for their problems and the reason for men to get unfair treatment in divorce court. I was told via e-mail because women suffer from men, as they diminish men, men of degrading and use men.

Being a woman I have the opportunity to communicate with a few other women. I can't remember the last time I heard from a woman who has expressed resentment towards men, diminished men, degraded men or at least heard the interest to bits using a man.

It would seem, according to these men that I feel that women exaggerate indiscretions of past and present and men "can't let go" of their evil. Overall, women "do not like men," according to these men to feel angry. I am confused and maybe you readers can help clarify my confusion.

If it is women that men resent because I did not hear this from women? Angry men are scans of the wood to share their opinions of women and there seems to be a lot of scape-goating and blaming women in what they have to say.

And it all has to do with the system of family court anyone going through a divorce dysfunctional comes into contact with. Try to explain to a man angry that women are also into the system and get more rage in response. The common denominator, one thing men and women have in common during the divorce process is both suffer from the injustice of the family court system.

Instead of being angry and blaming women, why not work with women for change a system that is unfair to both sexes?

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