Sunday, February 20, 2011

No-fault divorce in the United Kingdom encourages a mutual agreement between pairs

As the objective marriage break-up slowly is introduced and incorporated into the divorce system, reformers are already UK suggesting divorce couples to end their marriages in a friendly and affordable.

The revised proposal for a system of no-fault divorce believes that this type of divorce not only make the process less burdensome for both spouses, but also encourage couples to reduce legal aid costs and services. The review reports that all couples both in the United Kingdom have spent approximately 1.6 billion pounds annually on the family court system.

According to David Norgrove, a former business head and an official who was privy to the revision of the proposal in the United Kingdom, no-fault divorce "If" you can get both sides for more information about mediation, the vast majority will continue to use it.

Just as there are people who believe in no-fault divorce, there are even some who have little faith has invested in it. "A process does not save marriages," said Jill Kirby, Director of the Centre for policy studies. He added that, "we have such organizations as relate, who once tried to keep the marriage together, which you are directed to the management of break-ups."

Divorce rates in England are at their lowest since 1970. According to the Office of national statistics (, there was a decrease of 5.5% in the number of divorces from 2007 to 2008. 136,026 divorce cases in 2008 are on par with the 135,960 in 1976, the lowest in the history of UK. On the contrary, divorce in the United Kingdom reached the 1993 with 180,523 cases.

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