Sunday, February 20, 2011

Divorce cases in China up to 4500 ' every day '

Because of the need of the country to mediate people's lifestyle changes and growth, over 4,500 married couples file for divorce in China ' every day ', according to the legal evening news this last Monday.

Since 2003, the number of divorces in China has risen up to eight percent thanks to simplification of regulations of divorce by the Government. Consequently, about 848,000 married divorced in China during the first half of 2010, which is more than ten percent since last year.

The increase in cases of divorce in China can be traced since 1979, when only 0.3 of Chinese marriages ended in divorce. This number has increased to one per cent in 2000, approximately 1.2 million pairs. The accumulated rate once again in 2009 with up to 1.8 million pairs of filing for divorce.

Other factors that have contributed to the emergence of divorce in China have extramarital affairs, time spent by each other thanks to the work and financial earnings once spouses fractionation of their properties. Another problem that may have triggered an increase in divorce in China is to allow spouses to buy a second home without interest rates.

Most of the divorces that occur in China will be held in Shanghai, where the Government imposes strict population control policy. However, as regards the policy of family planning in the country "only child", the book mentions that, "[a] s children keep families together, when the birth rate is high, divorce rates are relatively less."

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