Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Types of divorce

California has changed the way we look at divorce and made it easier to get from a marriage by passing the first no-fault divorce laws in 1970. Prior to this, there had to be found guilty before a spouse could leave a marriage. The fault was the "reasons" for the divorce and including things like adultery, mental or physical cruelty and desertion.

An uncontested divorce occurs when both spouses agree to end the marriage. They are able to reach an agreement as regards the Division of property, financial issues, children and other contentious issues. Uncontested divorces are simple and fast, but can cause people to waive rights that they didn't know they had. Rights as foods, a division of pension benefits, income from real estate and other sources of income. It is always prudent to consult a lawyer, although you and your spouse are soon to be on the best terms.

Simplified divorces are uncontested, no fault divorce – where there is no conflict between the spouses. Simplified divorce usually occurs in marriages of short duration, where there are no children and very few marital bicker over.

State laws differ on simplified divorce, but, if your state allows it, is a lower cost and less stress the way to go. Simplified divorces are usually granted quickly, usually within 30 days of the submission.

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  1. Informative read about types of divorce,Divorce proceedings can be complicated and confusing.Divorce can be classified in different ways.Uncontested,no-fault,simplified, and limited are the four basic types of divorce.

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