Saturday, February 19, 2011

Verbal cues and clues on how to deal with divorce

A new study from the University of Arizona shows that people actually can reveal how they are managing divorce using verbal signals or as they say things rather than what they say.

Title of study is "thin-slicing divorce: thirty seconds of information to predict changes in psychological adjustment over 90 days" and is published online by Psychological Science.

Ashley Mason is a doctoral student who conducted the research said. "We wanted to know what people actually need information in order to know how you deal with another person," said "there was a lot of research in person perception in terms of perception of an outsider personality or intelligence. And data showed that we shouldn't really much.

In the course of the study were recruited men and women who had experienced the separation romantic. Were invited to complete a series of questionares, sound recordings, as well as the stream of consciousness to reveal their feelings about their EXEs, and their relationships in the past. After 90 days, the subjects were asked to respond to the questionnaire itself.

Judges are then asked to participate in the study. There were two sets of judges; He who has listened to the audio recordings and the other set that only Read transcripts. The judges were invited, on the basis of data, consider which subjects were better able to control their emotions and deal with the stress of separation.

The significant part of the study show that judges were able to predict how subjects would fare after 90 days listening to the audio clips 30 seconds more reading through written responses to the questionnaires.

"It is important to know that this is not what people are saying. It's like you're saying that tipping us off to what they are doing and more importantly, how are you going to do, "said Mason.

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