Saturday, February 5, 2011

Collecting Child Support

My ex is behind child support payment. I heard that his tax return can be used to pay child support arrears. This is true?


Yes! Under federal law, if a parent is behind in paying child support enforcement Office of your State child support may take the repayment of taxes on the income of parents and apply it to any child support arrears.

In order for you to collect child support back in this way, you must enroll in the program to intercept your tax status. You can do so by contacting your local support enforcement Office of child. In most States, must be paid a fee to become a program participant.

You should also know that the program to intercept federal tax applies stimulus payments to taxpayers have received recently. If a stimulus payment is announced is the contact child support enforcement office in your State regarding collecting Back child support through the seizure of the payment.

If your former spouse has remarried part only that you get from a tax return is the portion that is based on your income. Court of your State child support will take your former tax return for six months.

This gives the new spouse of an opportunity to present a form of "injured spouse" with the Internal Revenue Service. If the new spouse not injured spouse form files, the entire refund will go to any child support arrears.

Any refund that is read before going to pay any Government assistance you received from the State. It also applied before any debts your ex should the Government. These include federal student loans or any income taxed owed.

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