Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iran's divorce rate goes through the roof, leaving officials alarmed

The marriage between al-Zahra Fatemah, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and Islam Shi'a Imam Ali, highly estimated figure, 1400 years ago continues to be recognized in Iran during the marriage day, memorial day annual remembers his people the value of marriage and raising a family.

However, the Iran officials felt the need to change the name from the day of the wedding day of divorce without, in which the Minister of Justice of Iran will refuse the granting of permission to divorce. This significant change serves as a response to the alarming increase in divorce rates in Iran as of late.

According to an article in the New York Times, the Iranian Government has reported that there is a divorce for every seven marriages; Tehran, capital of Iran, reports a divorce for every 3.67 weddings. In general, the last decade has seen a threefold increase in the rate of divorce in Iran – from 50,000 to 150,000 in 2000 in 2010.

Even if Iran and its numbers of divorce are still far from United States, the alarming growth of its divorce rate doesn't seem to show signs of slowing down anytime soon. In reference to the Iranian calendar, which ends each March, divorce increased by 16% compared to 1 percent growth in weddings. Moreover, the majority of divorces are stored in central Tehran occur and not in parts of the Westernized city, situated in the North.

One of the main reasons for the Ascension of divorce in this conservative Islamic culture once is the growing desire of Iranian women to adopt the legal system in their hands to escape from unwanted wedding. This behavior by Iranian women is built from irregular playing field provided by law divorce in Iran – husbands are highly favored as they have the power to end their marriages within weeks without indicating any logical explanation, while their wives are required to provide the grounds for a divorce that could take years to be approved.

Despite their unequal rights to divorce, wives of Iran have used a mehrier, a single payment agreed with her husband to wives before marriage, how to leverage during the divorce process. Normally, husbands are obliged to pay the mehrier and their wives, after divorce is made. However, the value of mehrier has increased over the years, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. This has forced some husbands "divorce by mutual consent," which he has to pay only a part of mehrier or dispense altogether it will pursue.

We were aware of efforts by government officials to reduce the value of the mehrier in order to discourage the Iranian women get their divorces. In fact, talks constantly put a cap on mehrier or having a symbolic mehrier, instead, for example a Quran or a bag of gold coins to be delivered to his wife after the divorce, were discussed by conservatives and clerics.

However, the increasing rate of divorce in Iran is simply an indication of social and cultural changes currently affecting the country, and that these changes are here to stay.

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