Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why women Cheat

Why women cheat differs from woman to woman. Some do it for love, some sex, some need a boost to their self-esteem and some are just wired to be unfaithful.

I am of the opinion that it doesn't matter why women cheat. Once the scam occurs that not one to go looking for excuses for bad behavior. But I know from experience that if your wife has deceived, the first question most likely to be, "why?"

Here are four reasons some women cheat. Keep in mind that the reason behind the scam is not as important as the scam itself. Don't make excuses for bad behavior!

The wife of low self-esteem:

Some women are nothing more than a mother, the ruler and his wife that keeps the family smoothly. Perhaps you feel frumpy and unattractive. His self-esteem is not the gutter ... she feels sexier, beautiful or desirable. She is married to a man who takes his and marriage for granted.

Take a picture of a man who congratulated her, shows interest in her emotionally, says she is beautiful. A man who looks at her and see something different from a mother, wife and housekeeper. A woman who is having problems with low self-esteem is a sitting duck for a man like this. You can find herself willing to throw caution to the wind, in order to find validation needs and is not always in marriage.

The wife emotionally hungry:

I know a couple that aren't children. Both work hard so you can have the House large, expensive cars and lifestyle prestigious who believe that will make them happy. Only problem is, they are working hard to accumulate things that they neglect their relationship with each other.

There is no romance in their marriage and emotional attachments are the "things" that you've acquired over the years. The wife recently told me that she was "lonely in his marriage." What happens when a woman feels lonely and not emotional attachment to her husband? You should be looking elsewhere emotional attachment.

His wife angry:

There is nothing better to return to a husband who has cheated than fooling themselves. It is true that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." If you want to bring out the worst in your wife leave her doubt your loyalty.

I know a woman who was a devoted wife and mother. She had spent years putting his family and marriage before. He caught her husband with her young lover and it was hell bent to get revenge. He went to Victoria Secret, accused of hundreds of dollars in lingerie and then found someone other than her husband to show at all. The husband has gotten the Bill!

So if you're out cheating on your wife do so knowing that she can end up playing "tit for tat". Nothing is more surprising or more difficult to deal with, to discover your dedicated wife decided that what is "good for the goose is good for the gander."

The wife who seeks excitement:

Have you heard of men who are serial cheaters cheat …they for the thrill of it. There are women who are applicants, even excitement. They may love their husbands, would never entertain the thought of leaving him, but they need a little something extra.

It is my opinion that most "thrill seekers" lose the feeling that comes with the feeling of their spouse can't keep her hands off her. She wants to be liked, sexy, they feel as if you turn on your husband every time you walk into the room. When you lose the feeling that you should be trying out of wedlock.

Favoured: wife sexually

If you are not always sex at home, don't be surprised if she goes looking for outside of marriage. Like the age of men who drop their testosterone levels. When this happens they become less interested in sex or develop sexual dysfunctions and are able to perform. A wife ends up with a husband who would rather watch football or read a good book to go to sleep, to have sex with his wife.

Rather he would do anything other than take the chance to search for and then not able to run. He retired from his wife instead of discussing his problem and come up with a solution to the problem.

Then you have men who withhold sex as a form of punishment. Men who do not communicate their dissatisfaction with something that made their wife but you punish withdrawing from her sexually.

Whatever the reason is, ignoring the sexual needs of your wife sets you up to one day have to do with the pain of his cheating. When a woman feels that her husband no longer wants her sexually, do you feel depressed and abandoned. You can stimulate feelings that being out of wedlock to find what it needs.

Whether women cheating reasons there is no excuse to be unfaithful. I got an email recently from a reader; He said, "While no one ever broke the arm of a cheater offend, it seems plausible that a spouse who rejects share some dissatisfaction blatant responsibility to pave the way for these things happen?"

My response was "no". Nobody is ever liable for cheating but the CHEATER. If a wife is having problems of self-esteem, or feel depressed sexually has different options open to his cheating. First, there should be the effort put toward solving marital problems. If this cannot be done there is the Court of divorce. Anyone who needs something that cannot be found within the marriage must wait until they are legally free before trying out of wedlock.

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