Monday, February 21, 2011

No-fault divorce Bill signed into law by Paterson

Governor David a. Paterson signed a package of bills into law, no-fault divorce law in New York finalization.

The signature officially makes New York one of the last States that allows couples to seek a divorce by mutual consent.

This law allows couples to each other consent to the dissolution of marriage without demonstrating that one part is the fault of any of the previously acceptable reasons for divorce. Before signing the Bill, couples had to demonstrate that a committed adultery, alia subjected to cruelty, imprisonment or is guilty of spousal abandonment.

The law also allows you to one of the spouses to divorce each other unilaterally.

Supporters of the Bill argue that signing this Bill into law will put an end to the institutionalized where people accuse perjury falsely their spouse just to get a divorce.

On the other hand, opponents of the law maintained that will succeed only in increasing the rate of divorce in the city.

In a statement made by the Governor Paterson said "Finally, New York brought divorce laws into the 21st century. These invoices to fix a broken process that produced long and contentious litigation, poisoned feelings between the parties and harmed the interests of persons — too often women — who has insufficient financial means to protect their legal rights. I congratulate the sponsors on providing a real and effective legislative solution to a problem that has for too long bedeviled ordinary New Yorkers. "

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