Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conflict with the former spouse

Dealing with a difficult former spouse can be very daunting, frustrating and defeated. If there are children involved, which we believe it is our responsibility to try to have a healthy relationship with our ex-spouse. Sometimes, your efforts will not be returned, so the frustration. We hope that the following tips will help you when dealing with an ex who doesn't seem to want to deal with.

Ex-spouses often feel justified in their anger. They may feel you need to change or they may not trust you and your desire to have a relationship free of conflict. Whenever you try to change anyone, even to the best of reasons invite hostility as a response. Learn how to lower your expectations, and not try to change what you don't have control over. The more you try and change your ex or conflict over who is to address the situation.

If you've been to court and have reached an agreement or a court is handed down by a court order concerning financial matters. Live with it. Don't let your unhappiness, after the fact, affect your relationship with your ex or your children. If you came to an agreement with your ex-spouse live up to that agreement. If you have a court order, follow that order. No amount of anger over the financial arrangements to contaminate your relationship with your ex or your children.

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