Friday, April 22, 2011

What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation syndrome is the deliberate attempt by one of the parents of children from the other parent. The motivation is to destroy the relationship of parents of children with the other parent. The process of alienation develops over time and some of the symptoms of the syndrome include some or all of the following:

A parent will speak ill of or criticize the other parent directly to the child or children. Negative statements about the other parent may be direct or indirect. For example, the parent can say, "we can't afford a new outfit for the dance school because your father/mother decided to spend the money on vacation with their new friend." It would be a more direct commentary, "your father/mother left because he/she didn't care enough about yourself to try to make the marriage work." Statement is intended to cause the child to feel anger towards the other parent. It is an attempt to use the child to match the other parent for causing emotional pain. A parent is the other parent speaks male within the range of hearing of the child or children. There are parents who say they would never say anything negative for their child or children, the other parent. Doesn't seem to have no problem saying negative things to other people, though, and if their child or children happen to be a distance hearing. .. post continued

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