Thursday, April 21, 2011

Premarital counseling should be required by law?

Research indicates that premarital preparation can be an effective strategy in supporting healthy marriage and reducing the risk of divorce, in some cases as much as 30 percent. Some States have created an incentive in State law to encourage couples to participate in premarital counseling or some form of premarital education.

For example, in Minnesota, a marriage license costs $ 100. Couples who took part in the Council get the license to premarital reduced rate of $ 30. Here is the problem, the couple must spend 12 hours in counseling at its own expense, to save $ 70 dollars on their marriage license. One must wonder how much of an incentive that really is.

Premarital counseling can cost up to $ 500. Would spend $ 500 to save seventy dollars? I don't think so. It is commendable that some States are offering an incentive, but couples in love and go toward the alter are blinded by love, spend money on flowers, gowns and receptions. Their hearts are full and the last thing on their mind is the fact that they can become part of nearly 50% divorce.

It's just a little too early in the relationship for these couples to understand the importance of consulting. Heck, most of them don't even know what marriage is.

I have a better idea! Why not make premarital counseling part of State law, a requirement for anyone who goes and regardless of how many times you espouse. If legislators are so concerned about marriage and families that counseling reduces the risk of divorce from 30% should be enough of an incentive to become law this law requiring advice.

The State is more than willing to get involved in our wedding we should file for a divorce, it should not be willing to engage in advance if it possibly could keep down the cost to the State once a couple with children joined the Family Court system?

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