Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to recognize and Fix filibuster in marital relationships

Stonewall, is defined as . Engage in delaying tactics; stall: b. to refuse to answer or cooperate. What exactly does this look like in a marriage? Below are some examples of obstruction in a marriage:

Your wife has done something that hurts your feelings, or there is a problem in which you want to discuss marriage with her. Your attempts to communicate your feelings on the situation are met with silence. On his way to avoid conflict is to refuse to participate in the conversation.Your husband spends all sports watch weekend instead of participating in family activities. Sits with him, explain to him, which does not have a problem with the sport to watch but would like for him to take a couple of hours of his weekend to spend with your family. He responds to fold their arms and mumbling, "whatever." Then he went back to watch the game. He is totally disconnected from the family and what the family needs him.Your wife is a shopaholic, so much so that it begins to worry about the financial impact of spending habits. Feels a need to discuss the issue with her and set some limits on his spending. Halfway through the conversation changes the subject; It is no longer on his shopping but now on how much time you spend at work. His taking the spotlight off of his faults and shining on your is a display of complacency. "How dare I point out my faults, when you have your faults." You are not happy with the lack of intimacy in your marriage. Your husband shows no interest in you or sex with you and it is time to communicate the level of pain and rejection that feels. You say that you are concerned about the lack of sex in marriage, that you want to come up with some solutions to this problem, and he leaves. He removes himself from the conversation and the Hall altogether. He has already distanced himself from you intimately, now he is distancing himself from you physically. Not only do not want sex with you, doesn't want to talk to you either. OUCH!

Used to the extreme, the filibuster is a way for one of the spouses to manipulate the other spouse to get what they want. It is a dismissal of what is good for the marriage and both spouses in favor of what is good for one of the spouses.

Men are more prone to stonewall in a relationship, because they feel overwhelmed when a wife wants "talk about feelings" or "discuss problems." We often hear men accuse their wives of "annoying" that, more often than not continued is. .. post

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