Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Florida changing its position on food

On Friday, the Florida House civil justice Subcommittee unanimously approved a Bill proposed by Republican Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland requiring judges to ensure that those who pay foods not wind with significantly less net income compared to the recipient.

The following are the changes that would come about if the Bill becomes law:

The Bill would limit permanent alimony in favour of alimony for a limited time.The proposed legislation would require allocation of food courts do not award alimony permanent if the wife has a job and your income.Current law requires permanent foods for weddings over 17 years in length. The new law would do away with the presumption of permanent food regardless of how long the couple was married.The Bill would require judges to consider food short-term rehabilitation or in long-term marriages. Something that hasn't been allowed before due to the presumption that long-term marriage means permanent food.

Basically, the Bill does away with the idea that women long-term marriages are owed money and requires judges to look at each situation to determine the need for food. If a woman is self-sufficient with its own income is not required. If a woman was a stay at home mom and homemaker with no income or marketable skills, there is no need for food or short-term or permanent.

It makes sense to me!

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