Monday, April 18, 2011

Tennessee divorce laws


The judge may grant custody of both parents, or of both parents in case of shared parenting or joint custody based on the interests of the child, taking into account these factors:

Emotional ties, love and affection between parents and the child; The ability of parents to provide the child adequately; The quality of the child's adjustment to the current environment of the child, including the home, school, community, and provided that there is no evidence of child abuse; The stability of the household, as well as physical and mental health of parents; The preference of the child if 12 years of age. The Court may also hear the preference of a younger child, upon request, but will not be given as much weight as that of an older child; Evidence of abuse to the child, the other parent or any other person; The character of any other person residing with or frequently interacts with the child; The parenting skills of each parent, including their willingness to foster a close and continuing relationship between the child and the other parent.

[Based on the code of Tennessee-title 36, sections 36-6-106]


Child support in Tennessee is based on the model units of income ", and the provisions are outlined in the following guidelines Tennessee child support. The Court may require health insurance coverage for every child of the marriage, with both parties to pay all, or each of the parties to pay a pro rata share of the costs of health care is not paid by insurance proceeds. [Based on the code of Tennessee-title 36, sections 36-5-501]

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